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The Bermuda Society is a company limited by guarantee and administered by a Committee of Management – its membership includes most of the principal British companies investing and doing business in Bermuda as well as leading Bermudian companies active in the UK.

The Society devotes particular effort to make sure that the business point of view is properly understood and given full weight. Its policy is to cultivate contacts and it enjoys strong relations with the Government of Bermuda, both Houses of the UK Parliament, leaders and decision makers in the City of London, tourism, and the professional sectors, insurance, reinsurance and banking as well as other organisations relevant to Bermuda’s international business sector.

It highlights Bermuda’s strengths and successes across multiple sectors and the Island’s lead position as a first-class domicile. The Society also offers a platform for visiting Bermuda Government officials and prominent Bermudian business leaders to have a forum in London with their UK counterparts and others with potential business interest for Bermuda.

The Society’s Committee arranges regular lunches with politicians and business leaders where matters affecting Bermuda can be discussed informally. Other gatherings and lunches are held for the wider membership at which prominent guests from Bermuda or those with strong Bermuda links are invited to speak – these gatherings are excellent opportunities for those with interests in Bermuda to meet and keep up to date. The Society also arranges dinners at the House of Lords and in the City of London. There is also the opportunity for corporate members to sponsor events at Guildhall at which they can promote their companies’ interests.

The Society also supports other services such as an internship programme offering Bermudians studying in the UK an opportunity to link with companies who have offices in both the UK and Bermuda. Whether or not companies participate in the programme, they can also support Bermudian students by sponsoring their attendance at the meetings of the Society, in particular, the annual dinner and/or lunch.

The Society’s membership reflects a high level of interest and influence, and covers a wide range of involvement.

The Society also aims to act as an “umbrella” organisation to embrace Bermuda’s culture – in particular, The Bermuda Institute of Ocean Sciences, The National Museum of Bermuda, The Masterworks Museum of Bermuda Art, The Bermuda National Trust, The Bermuda National Trust – UK Friends, and The Bermuda National Gallery.

The Society promotes the reputation and strengths of Bermuda as a first-class jurisdiction and increases awareness of Bermuda’s value as a good place for international companies to do business – a place where there is tax efficiency, sensible regulation, secure and modern infrastructure and a legal system which is based on English Common Law with the final right of appeal in the UK Privy Council.

The Society provides information on Bermuda and answers Bermuda-related enquiries.