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bermuda flight pathBermuda is committed to being at the forefront of innovation whilst ensuring that the Island continues to be regarded as a reputable and well-respected jurisdiction for international companies to do business.

Companies incorporate in Bermuda for reasons particular to their own circumstances – regardless of the line of business. Bermuda, however, offers benefits that rate first-class amongst the world’s business jurisdictions – these benefits include:

  • Two hours flying time from the US East Coast
  • Daily flights to and from important gateway cities and easy access to the UK and the Continent of Europe
  • A long history of political, economic and social stability
  • A legal system which is based on English Common Law
  • A secure and modern business infrastructure
  • The third largest insurance centre in the world
  • Internationally accredited regulator
  • A highly competitive tax environment
  • A beautiful natural environment
  • A good place to be – and a good place in which to do business

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