A London-based organisation
promoting Bermuda as a first-class
jurisdiction for international business

Hamilton Harbour

Bermuda has an enviable reputation for
being a modern centre for international business

Bank of Butterfield in Bermuda

Bermuda maintains a robust
regulatory environment

Bermuda has a long history of
political and economic stability
Government House in Bermuda

Bermuda is a self-governing Overseas
Territory of the United Kingdom

Become part of a successful network of businesses, organisations and individuals who have made Bermuda their choice jurisdiction for doing business.

The Bermuda Society’s membership includes British companies investing in, and doing business with, Bermuda; international companies wholly or partly based in the Bermuda jurisdiction; and the leading Bermuda companies active in the UK.
We bring together leaders in insurance, reinsurance, banking, professional services, tourism and from Bermuda’s wider community in the areas of environment, science, education and culture.

Welcome to The Bermuda Society

This is your entry point to the world of Finance, Commerce, Business and Events all of which underline and celebrate the uniquely strong link between the UK and Bermuda. Become a new member and be part of a successful network of businesses, organisations and individuals who have made Bermuda their choice jurisdiction for doing business. Why? Because the Island has an exemplary global reputation for being a well-regulated centre for financial services and banking. It boasts outstanding cultural and historical ties to the UK since the first British settlers arrived over four centuries ago. Its natural beauty and Westminster system of government and justice also provide a desirable community in which to live and work. Our members with their broad range of skills and experience can help you promote and further your business and interests in Bermuda.
Robert S. Childs
President of The Bermuda Society
Former Non-Executive Chairman of Hiscox



Why Bermuda?

  • Two hours flying time from the US East Coast
  • Daily flights to and from important gateway cities and easy access to the UK and Europe
  • A long history of political, economic and social stability
  • A legal system which is based on English Common Law
  • A secure and modern business infrastructure
  • The third largest insurance centre in the world
  • Internationally accredited regulator
  • A highly competitive tax environment
  • A beautiful natural environment
  • A good place to be – and a good place in which to do business

Find out more about becoming a member
Gold Corporate Membership

  • Effective way of creating new business contacts
  • Access to our exclusive senior business and political networks
  • A valuable and enhanced profile in the UK and Bermuda
  • The opportunity to participate in a number of Society Lunches, Lectures, Meetings and Dinners
  • All events are held at prestigious venues
  • Two complimentary tickets to the Annual Dinner for Members and Guests
  • The opportunity to host and/or sponsor events in cooperation with the Society
  • Company logo and profile published on the Society’s website
  • Market your company to a unique and extensive target group through publications, website, etc






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